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IWCB Member Information 2018 (includes info on fees, apologies, concert dress, committee members, etc.)

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IWCB Calendar 2018 – document version

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Concert Program #3: Abracadabra

Saturday 8 September, 4pm-6pm
Leichhardt Town Hall

Arrive by 2pm for rehearsal.

Dress in concert black.

Bring food for supper.


Abracadabra | Frank Ticheli
Aladdin | Arr. John Moss
Nutcracker – Dance of the Reed Pipes | Tchaikovsky (Josh)
Ninereeds the Dragon | Simon Parker (Josh)
 This is Me from the Greatest Showman | Arr. Michael Brown
Cry of the Last Unicorn | Rossano Galante
Strange Humors | John Mackey (Josh)
Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons | Steven Reineke (Josh)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic | Richard Johnsen

Kids’ Proms

Saturday 29 September, 9am – 12:30pm
Leichhardt Town Hall

Other Links:

  • Recruitment Flyer (to print and put up at your local library/cafe etc!)
  • IWCB Youtube Channel – for recordings of our current repertoire
  • Public Facebook Page
  • Facebook Members Group
  • Current Repertoire List (Refer to this list during rehearsals to make sure your band folder is up to date!)
    • Original music is to be used at rehearsals and performances. Please do not take original music home – instead email for information on practice parts. Each instrument folder contains two manila folders – one for “concert” music and the other for “community” music. You can use the link above to help keep your folder organised and up to date.
    • For practice parts please email Originals are not to be taken home, though should always be used at rehearsals and concerts.


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