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IWCB Member Information 2018 (includes info on fees, apologies, concert dress, committee members, etc.)

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Kids’ Proms for Parents Club

A concert exclusively for Parents Club members.
Saturday 24 February, 10am – 11am
Leichhardt Town Hall

Arrive at 9am for set up & warm up
Dress: Black pants, top in your section colour. (If you do not have a top in your colour, then a black top with coloured accessory eg. scarf/tie is also okay). Onesies also fine.
  • Flutes- White
  • Clarinets – Red
  • Saxophones – Yellow
  • Upper Brass – Blue
  • Lower Brass – Green
  • Percussion – Purple
Bring: Instrument and music stand. Music for instrument demo if applicable.
(I’ve switched the Thunderer and How Far I’ll go, this is the final order)
1. Cantina Band
2. Octonaut Theme
3. Let it Go
Woodwind Demos
4. The Thunderer
5. How Far I’ll Go
Brass Demos
6. Under the Sea
Percussion Demos
7. September
8. Can Can (bar 245 Orpheus in the Underworld)
9. Bare Necessities

IWCB Kids’ Proms

Saturday 21 April
Leichhardt Town Hall
Members required 9am – 12:30pm

TWO SESSIONS: 10am and 11:15am

Concert Program #1: Murder & Mystery

Saturday 5 May, 4pm-6pm
Leichhardt Town Hall
Arrive 2pm for rehearsal
Dress: Concert Black
Bring: Instrument and music stand

Program (TBC)

  • Overture to Candide Bernstein
  • Psycho Bernard Herrmann
  • Hawaii FiveO Theme Mort Stevens
  • Pilatus Mountain of Dragons Steven Reineke
  • Death by Tango Edward Fairlie
  • Copacabana  arr. Saucedo


  • O Magnum Mysterium Morton Lauridsen
  • Phantom of the Opera Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie Mercury
  • Galloping Ghosts William Ryden
  • The Incredibles Michael Giacchino

Other Links:

  • Recruitment Flyer (to print and put up at your local library/cafe etc!)
  • IWCB Youtube Channel – for recordings of our current repertoire
  • Public Facebook Page
  • Facebook Members Group
  • Current Repertoire List (Refer to this list during rehearsals to make sure your band folder is up to date!)
    • Original music is to be used at rehearsals and performances. Please do not take original music home – instead email for information on practice parts. Each instrument folder contains two manila folders – one for “concert” music and the other for “community” music. You can use the link above to help keep your folder organised and up to date.
    • For practice parts please email Originals are not to be taken home, though should always be used at rehearsals and concerts.


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