IWCB is incredibly grateful to our Friends of the Band and Music Sponsors.

Friends of the Band 2024

  • The Collison Family
  • Monica Boyton
  • Madi MacLean
  • The Pink Family
  • Nick Dirs
  • The Griffiths Family
  • The Cavallaro Family


Who are Friends of the Band?

Friends of the Band are supporters who are able to make a donation towards our expenses—including sheet music, percussion equipment, conductor fees and venue hire.

In return for a donation of $100 (or $200 for a family):

  • Your name will be listed in all our printed concert programs for the year
  • Your name will be listed here on our website (if you wish) until the end of the year
  • You can book reserved seating at our concerts


Who are our Music Sponsors?

You can also sponsor a specific piece of music for the band to play by donating the purchase/hire cost of the set of sheet music. This is typically about $200–400, but some pieces cost more or less. It’s best to get in touch and discuss music that can fit into our upcoming concerts.

  • You will be listed as the sponsor in our printed program each time the band plays your sponsored piece of music


If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Band or a Music Sponsor, please email