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IWCB Member Information 2017 (includes info on fees, apologies, concert dress, committee members, etc.)


IWCB Calendar 2017 – document version

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Other Links:

  • Recruitment Flyer (to print and put up at your local library/cafe etc!)
  • IWCB Youtube Channel – for recordings of our current repertoire
  • Public Facebook Page
  • Facebook Members Group
  • Current Repertoire List (Refer to this list during rehearsals to make sure your band folder is up to date!)
    • Original music is to be used at rehearsals and performances. Please do not take original music home – instead email info@iwcb.org.au for information on practice parts. Each instrument folder contains two manila folders – one for “concert” music and the other for “community” music. You can use the link above to help keep your folder organised and up to date.
    • For practice parts please email info@iwcb.org.au. Originals are not to be taken home, though should always be used at rehearsals and concerts.

Next Events


Sunday 13 August

Attendance: You can view who is attending here. Email info@iwcb.org.au if your availability changes.

Community repertoire played for a constant stream of runners/walkers!
Please arrive by 8am. No instruments are to be played before 8am, and noise should be kept to a minimum. Please allow plenty of time to arrive. Some members will be required from 7AM to drop off and set up equipment.

The band will perform from 8:15am – 12:15pm (or until you decide you are too exhausted to play any more!)

Bring: Instrument, music stand, pegs, sunglasses, water, thermos, snacks etc. We will play a few sets with breaks in between, but there will not be much time to buy food or drinks. That said there IS a cafe just down the road (with toilet). You will have to join the pack of runners to get across the road though!

Dress: White shirt, black pants. White or black jacket/jumper if needed.

Repertoire: Basically everything in the community folder, multiple times (exact pieces TBC).

Location: Corner Military Rd and Dover Rd (Dover Heights) – most likely in front of 135 Military Rd, Dover Heights where we were last year. Military Rd will be closed from 7AM – 2PM. If driving please park to the west side of Military Rd as in picture so that you can leave before the roads re-open. The band will be playing in one of the red rectangles in the image under a gazebo. The city2surf website has further information on public transport & road closures on the day. Parking will be limited and car pooling a sensible option – we will try to co-ordinate this tomorrow evening.



Concert #3: A Tribute to Science Fiction

Saturday 19 August

Arrive 3:00pm for rehearsal. concert 5pm – 7pm. Please note later start time than usual.

Dress: Concert black. (ie. all black, and “nice” – no jeans)

Bring: instrument + accessories, music stand.

Tickets open now!

Repertoire (in draft concert order):

Back to the Future
Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Battlestar Galactica (TBC)
Jurassic Park theme
Terminator Theme
Doctor Who Theme
Star Trek: Through the Years
Thank Yous
Star Wars: Force Awakens
Encore: Cantina Band



Saturday 16 September, Leichhardt Town Hall

Members required 9AM – 12:45pm

Potential repertoire (will change slightly)

  • Blues Brothers Revue
  • Octonaut Theme
  • Let it Go
  • Who’s Who in Navy Blue
  • Under the Sea
  • Zoot Suit Riot
  • September
  • You Can’t Stop the Beat


  • 9:00am – set up
  • 9:15am – tune & warm up
  • 9:30am – doors open
  • 10am – PERFORMANCE #1
  • 10:45am – audience invited to speak with band members and see instruments up close
  • 11:00am – doors open for performance 2
  • 11:15am – PERFORMANCE #2
  • 12:00pm – audience invited to speak with band members/see instruments up close.
  • 12:15pm – begin pack up
  • 12:30pm – members free to leave


Top/shirt/vest/jacket in the colour of your section with black bottoms or ALL dressed in your section’s colour.

If you do not have a shirt in the below colour consider borrowing from someone else in the band, or wearing all black, with something obvious in your section’s colour (eg. a scarf or cape!) We try to keep the section colours consistent each year.

Section colours:

Clarinets – Red
Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba – Green
Trumpets – Light blue
French Horn – blue
Flutes – pink
Double reeds – orange
Saxophones – yellow
Percussion – purple


Someone from each section will need to demonstrate the sound of their instrument. Preferably it will be a tune recognisable to 5 year olds. (Think nursery rhymes, tv themes). For those who have time you might like to organise the demo as a duet/trio/quartet/whole section.

Here are some nursery rhyme quartet arrangements you might like to use (thanks Geoff). The flute part has an already transposed Bb alternatively so all parts are in the same key. (therefore could be used for any instrument section).

Members Mailing List

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